Bimmerpost Users Wielding Microscopes Declare M8 Gran Coupe, “Not A Real BMW”

After images of a camouflaged M8 Gran Coupe were released, BMW enthusiasts all over the internet have taken to the forums to decide; is what experts are calling a, “coupe sedan thing” really a BMW?

“I mean, it just isn’t.” Said one user, who’s profile picture was presumably his ‘stanced E39.

“Look at the Hofmeister kink. If they made it a little more rounded on top and  more pointed at the bottom, it would be getting there.”

“That’s the only reason I’m not buying it. If the kink was right, I would write a check.”

Another user who’s flair was, “’96 318ti” said, “Yeah, and look at the kidney grilles. Not only are they literally the entire front of the car, but they weren’t just ripped off of an E46 sedan. Frankly, a heinous insult.”

“Also, check out the profile. It looks like a Lexus mixed with a Bentley, that was further combined with an Audi A7, a CLA, and glued together with pieces from a Panamera. For this reason, I will not be purchasing it.”

Another user who’s flair was, “’07 335i JB4′”, chimed in.

“Plus it has floating rear brake calipers. Can you believe that? On a car BMW markets as a sports car but everyone knows just carries rich white women to Wegmans? Fucking unbelievable. The front bumper also looks like shit and is not angry enough.”

“Just to be clear, if the front bumper looked angrier, I would buy it.”



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