Aston Martin Says The Tail Lights On The 2019 Vantage Were Inspired By, “Emilia Clarke’s eyebrows”

GAYDON—After seeing the rear end of the new Aston Martin Vantage, we took a plane to the UK to knock on the door down at Aston’s headquarters.

Aston’s chief designer met with us, and showed us his mood board for styling the exterior of the new sports car.

“Well you see here we have a cheetah mid-sprint, a Eurofighter Typhoon, an osprey about to strike,”

“Also we have Emilia Clarke.”

Why do they have Emilia Clarke on the board?

“Well, it’s a long story really. Some of the boys we have downstairs working on styling the door mirrors and whatnot talked me into it.”

“They thought if we could style her into the car she would let us in on how season 8 ended. We actually offered her a tour of our facilities and she accepted. We kept showing her things all of a sudden to try and surprise her so we could all get inspired.”

“Got some good pictures off of the CCTV too.”

So how does season 8 end?

“She wouldn’t tell us. Made the whole back of the car from her eyebrows and she wouldn’t even tell us if Bronn lived.”

“We were trying to get George RR Martin down here but I’m afraid he doesn’t have any bits we could style a car from.”

“Would also probably take decades to develop wouldn’t it.”

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