Ford Guys Everywhere Quietly Relieved GT500 Does Not Have 3.5 Liter Ecoboost

DEARBORN—Seeing Ford released the new GT500 yesterday, we hopped on a plane to Dearborn to talk to our friend Derek, the Mustang enthusiast and self proclaimed “Ford guy’s Ford guy”.

We asked Derek what he thought about the new GT500.

“Well it’s sick! Who cares if there’s no manual. Shits outdated.”

We nodded like we agreed with him and continued questioning.

So he wasnt worried at all about the new pony car?

“No! No way!”

“Well… kind of.”

How so?

“Well you know the GT? They put that V6 in it, you know? With the turbos?”

We nodded.

“I mean it crossed my mind… What if they just threw that motor in there? Made enough power…”

“I knew though, I knew they wouldn’t do that. Just like how they wouldn’t release the RS with a junk diff.”

We slowly nodded back at him.

“I mean they’re gonna keep making the Focus ST right?”

“Can’t go wrong there.”

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