BMW Says New 3 Series Inspired By The Feeling Right Before You Click “Attending” On Self Help Seminar RSVP

Steam slowly rises from the cup of coffee on Harald Kruger’s desk.

It is the end of the day, but he has been putting this off for too long.

“He’s ready for you, sir.”

A man walks in. The whiz kid. Hes new. He knows what people want. Harald needs to know what he knows.

The man sits down.

“How do we market the new 3 series?” Harald asks.

The man thinks. He is surprised by the question because, there is not a short answer.

He thinks of the 2002, the predecessor to the 3 series. He’s driven one, hes loved one. He has one in pieces sitting in his own garage. He thinks of the E30. His dads car. He thinks of all the times he spent resenting having the top down, hating the cold as a child.

He thinks of the e36. His first car. He thinks off all of the memories that he had in it. His time in high school. All of the work he did to it. The time it spent with him in college. It was where he spent his life. Driving home, driving to his friends houses, driving to his wife’s house (although he didn’t know it yet).

He thinks of the E46. The first new car he bought. He thinks of the S54, he thinks of 8000 rpm. He is excited at the thought, but also sad, because it’s gone, and because it’s no longer in his life.

He thinks of the E90, the car he bought when he had kids. Sure it was just a wagon, and just a 325i, but it was still a 3 series, and it still had some of that 3 series magic left. He thinks of all of the time his kids spent growing up in the back of it. He thinks of all of the spilled drinks, and everything his kids kicked under the seats.

Then he thinks of the F30, the M3 he bought when he got older. It still had a stick, but it was missing everything he loved about his E46. He missed the connection, he missed the simplicity.

But he also missed his kids. They grew up. They couldn’t be kids forever. They couldn’t keep running around his yard, spraying each other with the hose. They couldn’t keep getting called to the principals office. They couldn’t keep pulling pranks on him. They couldn’t keep stealing his keys, or hiding when they had to go to school.

He’s sitting at a desk across from the CEO of BMW. His Boss. The king of this brand.

“How do we market the new 3 series?” Harald asks.

“Just tell them its a drivers car.” He says.

Harald looks at him. He looks out the window. The wind sweeps across the trees. Cars pull into the lot that his office overlooks. His eyes lose focus, slowly he readjusts back to the kid.

The kid looks too, if only for a moment.

“Alright.” Harald says.

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