David Freiburger Officially Takes Position At MotorTrend As Company’s First CAL, Or “Chief Abuse Lightning Rod”

LOS ANGELES—After acting unofficially in the position for several months, MotorTrend has announced that David Freiburger will become the companies first official whipping boy for the public. Primarily to receive abuse from the internet, exclusively about things he does not control.

Freiburger is quoted as saying, “Yeah, any complaint you have about you know, YouTube, the merger with Velocity, the cost of MTOD, just act like I have a giant target painted on my back.”

“Treat me like the guy at the grocery store you yell at becuase we don’t have the kind of cream cheese you like.”

He clarified, “All I control is what junk we buy.”

“And Dulcich’s work schedule.”

“Sometimes I also get to choose what we get for lunch on set.”

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