BMW Announces New Middle Finger Gesture Control For Seven Series That Calls Your Wife And Yells At Her

MUNICH— BMW today announced a new gesture that has been integrated into the ‘Gesture Control’ system of the seven series. This new gesture, which is a middle finger, automatically calls your wife, and starts an argument.

The machine takes notes from listening to previous calls with your wife, and the new gesture only actually appears as an option when the decibel level in the vehicle is detected to be unusually high.

Simply by enabling gesture control and flipping off the center console, the car will then call your wife, and using snippets it has recorded and arranged from previous calls, yell at her. Midway through the call, the car gives the option to apologize, or end the call with a series of pre-recorded insults.

The intensity of the argument can be escalated if the car’s internal microphone detects the driver yelling during the call, or if he continues to give the center console the bird.

When we asked BMW why they decided to integrate this new feature into the seven series they said, “We had to beat Maserati to it.”


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