Local Man With “Save The Manuals” Sticker On WRX Is Just Better Than You

After seeing a man on the highway with a, “Save the manuals” sticker on his strictly visual mods Subaru, we flagged him down to ask him a few questions.

“Well yeah I got the sticker weeks before I actually got my new WRX”, he said.

“I got it becuase people HAVE to know that my new WRX is a manual, and not some junk slush box automatic where you dont even do anything.”

“Besides drool all over yourself , haha.”

We then asked him why anybody would even buy an automatic version of any car.

“Well you gotta think first of all not everybody has good enough sense to buy a new WRX like mine. I mean think of the people who buy automatic cars. You know, sweaty, slack jawed, they always buy the 2×2 rubix cube.”

“You know? You just see them driving down the highway like drones. Like you can just see you would fuck that guy up in a game of tic-tac-toe, or an argument on the internet.”

How does he see himself driving a stick in this day and age?

“Well you know, ha. I’m like the guy pointing with a blueprint in those technical school commercials.”

“I’m like the guy up on a 90 foot tall horse peering down at the pathetic subhmans below me with a collapsible brass telescope.”

“And of course my dick is like massive. Like much bigger than average. My girlfriend is also fucking hot dude. You want to see her nudes? Check this out, man.”




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