Tesla Says New Autopilot Update Will Make It Even Easier To Watch Every Season Of The Big Bang Theory While Lounging Across The Back Seats On I-95

In a press release Thursday, Tesla announced that the latest version of autopilot will make it even easier then before to climb into the back seat, and enjoy every season of The Big Bang Theory while speeding down the highway.

“With this new update, we give our users the freedom to stretch their legs, crack open a few cold ones, and watch their favorite TV show, all in the comfort of our vehicles.” The company says that the front seat will also now be able to pivot 180 degrees. They say this will make it even easier to relax in the back seat, and think of ideas for vanity plates.

When asked of the potential safety hazards of the new update, a spokesperson was quoted as saying, “Oh no, this feature can’t be used all of the time.” He continued, “This feature can only be enabled when travelling to your in-laws house. That way you’ll either end up at your in-laws, or dead.”


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