Toyota Says Next Gen Camry Looks Like Axe Murderer During Rampage, Will Have More Standard Legroom Than Accord

NAGOYA, JAPAN— After visiting the Toyota design offices and conducting an interview with a spokesperson, we have details of the new 2020 Camry’s exterior styling.

Asking what the design criteria for the new exterior was the spokesperson responded, “Well the first thing on our list was more exhaust tips of course. We wanted at least seven but the engineers talked us out of it. Said we couldn’t have more exhaust tips than cylinders? Whatever that means.”

He continued, “Then we made sure it looked as furious and angry as possible, like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Like super angry, like fucking pissed off about its bitch wife that never does anything they ask, and thinks she can fucking boss you around because she makes more money than you do.” He then added, “Oh and it had to have more rear legroom than the Accord. We settled on at least an inch more, even if it cost us trunk space.”

We then asked if they had to use a BMW engine for the new Supra because they had forgotten how to make a good one, to which he responded, “You guys are lucky you are even getting a new Supra. OK?

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