Ford Says New EcoSport Crossover Can Comfortably Seat Five, Tow a Saturn V Rocket

DEARBORN— In a press release Tuesday, Ford released further details about the new EcoSport Crossover.

“The new EcoSport comes equipped with a turbocharged one liter engine. You will notice the Nissan GT-R is also turbocharged.” It says.

“Or an optional naturally aspirated two liter engine, which has similar power and torque to a built SR20.”

“Both are capable of towing a Saturn V Rocket to its launch platform, and getting at least 27mpg highway.” The release continues, “In fact, the EcoSport could actually beat the Saturn V in a drag race to the moon, and carry more people than the lunar lander.”

When we inquired if the new EcoSport has any compromises at all, a Ford spokesperson stated, “It only has enough cargo space for a baby grand piano, not the full grand.”


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