Local Ford Enthusiast Says New Mach 1 Electric Crossover Does Not Piss On The Grave Of The Legendary Muscle car

After wandering around the streets of Dearborn for nearly an hour, we finally have a  Ford enthusiast’s opinion of the new Mach 1 crossover. We found Derek at a local cafe, arguing on a late model muscle car forum about how the head on the Coyote flows more CFM than the LT1, which obviously makes it a better engine.

“Yeah no I have no problem with that, I mean sure its a legendary name used only on some of the best Mustangs ever produced, but yeah why not lend it to an all electric people carrier.” We then asked him if the Mustang II was a good car, to which he responded, “Yeah man those are sick! And did you see they started putting the ST badge on the Edge? Isn’t that badass?”

Our final question was to ask him in his opinion, could Ford as a brand do anything to upset him.

“Yeah I mean if they made like a legit Mustang that was a hybrid, I mean that’s where I draw a line in the sand. No way man, gotta keep the pony in pony car right?”

We then showed him articles stating plans for the new hybrid Mustang, to which he responded,

“Yo man look at that thing, its sick!”

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